Frosty Whip Ice Cream Vans is your Townsville-based ice cream van that brings absolute soft serve ice cream heaven for all the family.

Soft serve ice cream, desserts and coffee that satisfy your cravings every time - that's Frosty Whip's mission!

Ice Cream Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frosty Whip's soft serve, fresh-whipped ice cream is loved by children and adults alike.

We take your ice cream dessert expectations then do even better, taking dessert indulgence to another level of heavenly. We have all tastes covered with the flavours in our range of toppings.

Frosty Whip Ice Cream Vans have been delivering ice creams to North Queensland for more than 25 years. That same ice cream you grew up with - refreshing, smooth and now with more topping choices - is what you get today.

Now Available

Frosty Whip Ice Cream Vans are available for birthdays, sports days, fundraisers, company parties, weddings, Christmas parties and community events. We cater for them all - whatever your event - with our famous ice cream, desserts and coffee.

Our new modern van is eco-friendly. Equipped with solar power for minimal emissions, it's quiet enough to operate inside buildings.

Call Frosty Whip today. We'll serve up all the ice cream and smiles your party can handle.